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Low FODMAP French toast with poached egg

French toast with a poached egg

Poached egg. I never really bothered making a poached egg. An easier option was always a soft boiled or fried egg. This time I decided to try and make it! I watched some tutorials on youtube, and here is how I made it. I put water to boil in a medium pot. In the meantime, …

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My low FODMAP Nicoise salad

My Low FODMAP Nicoise salad

My low FODMAP Nicoise salad is my version of the famous Nicoise salad. I used fresh, local ingredients (apart from lemon ad tuna, of course;). This salad is: rich in Protein contains around 3 portions of veg This recipe has been approved by a Low FODMAP dietitian, Evelyn Toner.  Find interesting articles about Nutrition, IBS and …

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Low FODMAP Easy Omelette with Vegetables

Low FODMAP easy omelette with vegetables

This  Low FODMAP Easy Omelette with Vegetables is my easy recipe for a high protein breakfast. Good after a workout, to get you ready for a busy day. No bread, no flour, therefore gluten free, as well as lactose free. Only eggs and vegetables. It looks like a pizza, doesn’t it? This recipe has been …