About Recipes

I have always loved cooking and baking. Since I am on a Low FODMAP (and now a modified Low FODMAP) diet, I found that my creations in the kitchen had to become much more creative. You can have this, you can’t have this, other ingredient only in limited amount…It can be quite stressful! 

This is where I come in, to share my ideas, experience and creativity with you, together with a dietitian’s expertise. We are providing you with a READY solutions – a Low FODMAP recipes for breakfast, luch and dinner (and don’t forget about a healthy snack, too ;).

All of the recipes on this blog are either my own creation or sometimes I adapt recipes from other sources and if I do, I write about it.

Recipes can be found directly on the main page and are divided into categories (breakfast, dinner, sourdough etc.):


All recipes are approved by A Low FODMAP dietitian, Evelyn Toner, from London. If you need a dietitian, you can contact Evelyn here:

Evelyn Toner contact

Note: The low FODMAP diet is scientifically proven to help sufferers of IBS by helping them to identify their trigger foods. Once culprit foods have been identified, symptoms can be managed either by excluding these foods from the diet totally or by reducing the amounts eaten, whilst still maintaining a balanced diet.

I’d like to share with you a variety of healthy recipes, that provide you with essential vitamins and minerals, good quality protein, as well as a balanced portion of a low FODMAP carbohydrates.

I am hoping that these recipes will be an inspiration and be a guide for good eating on a low FODMAP diet.