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Low FODMAP Gluten free Crepes

Low FODMAP gluten free crepes.

I always struggled to get a perfect consistency in gluten free pancakes, that usually became more thick, like American style pancake and not large and thin. This time I  decided to try and make this  Low FODMAP gluten free crepes, with rice flour only. I made more runny batter, also without raising agent. It spread …

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Low FODMAP colourful salad

Low FODMAP colourful salad

This is a very easy salad, created by necessity. I was craving some crunchy vegetables today and that is what I made, a Low FODMAP colourful salad with cucumber, kale, radishes and peppers. It is low in calories and it provides you quite a big portion, as well as around 2 portions of vegetables.   This …

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Low FODMAP Peanut banana smoothie

Low FODMAP peanut banana smoothie.

This Low FODMAP  peanut banana smoothie is another easy smoothie recipe, with protein rich and lighter in fat (comparing to usual peanut butter) peanut butter powder.     This recipe has been approved by a Low FODMAP dietitian, Evelyn Toner.  Find interesting articles about Nutrition, IBS and FODMAP on her blog.   Ingredients for 2 …

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Low FODMAP gluten free Polish dumplings ‘pierogi’

Low FODMAP gluten free Polish dumplings 'pierogi’

A bit of a history I love pierogi and they appeared in my life since I can remember. Especially making pierogi with my Mum always seemed to be a therapeutic session. Starting from my childhood, when me and my sister were helping in the kitchen before Christmas, and when we were making pierogi, we knew …