About me

About me – Maria Kustosz, a Low FODMAP recipe’s blogger

Welcome to my blog!

I have struggled with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) for most of my life.

It’s taken me until now to find some answers. 

Last year my GP referred me to a dietitian who advised me on the low FODMAP diet. Initially this meant eliminating all the possible triggers from my diet. Then reintroducing foods to understand those I could tolerate and which I needed to avoid or eat in smaller amounts.

Now I am eating what I know is good for me, avoiding my triggers and my IBS is much better. The difficulty I found then was how to continue with a diet that was good for my IBS, but also one that was going to help me manage my weight. Now I do not say that a Low FODMAP diet is for losing weight! It isn’t. It is for managing symptoms of IBS and other diseases. BUT I needed to manage both – my IBS and my weight, and for this I needed a creative recipes. That is how idea for this blog was created.Because there didn’t seem to be any help out there, so this is when I decided to start my blog.

The aim of my blog is to help others out there who need to manage their IBS, but also want to keep a mindful eye on calories. 

The low FODMAP diet has been developed to help identify food triggers of IBS, not as a means of losing weight, but my recipes combine low FODMAP principles with a watchful eye on calories too. 

My journey with weight loss started about 2 years ago and since then I’ve lost over 27 kg body weight. I’d like to shift my last 10kg, but now I need to take into account combining lower calories with the low FODMAP diet.

In  my blog and recipes, you will find ideas and discussion around both of these topics. The recipes are low FODMAP; gluten free; also I try to include recipes that are lower in fat and sugar so it makes them healthier, delicious options.



​I’m NOT a dietitian or an accredited nutritionist, but I do have a Nutrition and Health qualification.
However, if you think you have IBS, you need to see your doctor and check first for anything else that might be causing your symptoms such as Coeliac disease or inflammatory bowel disease. It’s not advisable to start the low FODMAP diet on your own, as for best results and with any major dietary change, it is always best to have expert advice and support. ​So, ask your GP to refer you to a FODMAP-trained Dietitian or check out the Freelance Dietitians’ website for someone local to you:


All of recipes in this blog are approved by a registered Low FODMAP dietitian, Evelyn Toner.

If you are from London or you are happy to have Skype/ Facetime consultations, then please feel free to contact Evelyn below:

dietitian Evelyn Toner