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Low FODMAP French toast with poached egg

French toast with a poached egg
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Poached egg. I never really bothered making a poached egg. An easier option was always a soft boiled or fried egg.

This time I decided to try and make it!

I watched some tutorials on youtube, and here is how I made it.

I put water to boil in a medium pot. In the meantime, I cracked an egg on a small sieve, to take away excess of watery whites. By the way, the best are the freshest ones. They hold shape better and have more closed structure, they don’t flatten on the plate when you crack them. Now I understand that these days we don’t have own hens (well, most of us, I’m guessing), and tracking how old is the egg we bought in the shop can be tricky. That is why we use the sieve method, to remove the excess of watery egg white.

When water started boiling, I lowered it down to a simmer and I put little bit of vinegar in it.

Then I created a water whirl, using a spoon and I placed the egg in the whirl. After, it is better not to touch it.

Water needs to be simmering on low. I set the timer on 3 minutes this time and it was a bit too firm, so 2-3 minutes will be better next time.

I removed the egg with a slotted spoon and drained it on a paper towel.

Then served.

Poached egg with avocado and tomatoes on French toast


This recipe has been approved by a Low FODMAP dietitian, Evelyn Toner.  Find interesting articles about Nutrition, IBS and FODMAP on her blog.


Ingredients for 1 Low FODMAP Poached egg on French toast with avocado and tomatoes:

For a French toast:

1 slice whole grain gluten free bread (check ingredients if it is Low FODMAP)

1 whole egg white

15 ml 2% milk, lactose free

olive oil spray, 5 sprays for the non stick pan (French toast frying)

For topping:

1 poached egg, prepared as above

25 g avocado

25 g fresh tomatoes

1/2 tsp. olive oil

salt, pepper to taste

a pinch of fresh dill.

French toast topped with avocado, tomato and a poached egg.

Instructions for preparing 1 French toast with avocado, tomato and poached egg:

You need to set a pot with water to boil for making poached egg, in the same time as you start preparing the French toast.

In a bowl, whisk egg white with lactose free milk.

Then place a slice of gluten free bread in it to soak. Move it around and turn over to soak the other side.

Put a small non stick pan on a medium heat. Spray it with oil. I use my Tefal small and large pans all the time. As long as they are looked after properly (i.e. without using metal utensils), they last very long time. You can find the on Amazon:



Place the soaked slice of bread in the pan, fry until golden brown, the turn over, using a wooden or silicone spatula.



In the same time you need to chop 25 g of avocado and 25 g of fresh avocadoes and place them in a bowl. Add 1/2 tsp. of olive oil to it, with salt and pepper.

When the French toast is ready, place it on the plate. Top it with avocado and tomato mini salad, drained poached egg (instructions how to make it above) and sprinkle some fresh, chopped dill.



For a Polish version of this recipe, go here: http://przepisylowfodmap.eu/low-fodmap-jajko-w-koszulce-na-francuskim-toscie


Nutritional facts for

1 Low FODMAP Poached egg on French toast with avocado and tomatoes:

246 kcal

16.9 g Carbs

13.2 g Protein

14.5 g Fat



For more low FODMAP recipes for breakfasts, please go here: https://fitfodmapfoodie.co.uk/category/breakfast-ideas


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