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Fody’s snack bars review

Fody's snack bar, great with a coffee!

Fody’s snack bars review

I just receieved from Fody a Dark chocolate nuts & sea salt snack bars to review. I was really excited to open the parcel, which I have to say that came really quick!

Those Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt snack bars are:

  • lactose and gluten free
  • of course Low FODMAP – in one serving of this product
  • They have 210 kcal per one bar, which I think is good. You can enjoy them as a part of a healthy diet. The only thing for me is that they were so tasty that I had to control myself to don’t eat more.


Fody snack bars out of the box
Fody snack bars out of the box


They taste just like a standard chocolate and nut bars, if not better. Nuts give crunchiness and the dark chocolate melts when you hold it in your hand. According to the ingredients list, there is a bit more almonds then peanuts, but in my opinion you can taste the peanuts much stronger. Maybe it is because almonds usually offer much milder flavour. Still, though, the flavour is very good.


On the Fody website they cost £26.28 for a box of 12 and they are available  to buy in here.


It is a great snack, even with your mid morning coffee! Of course, for those who are lactose intolerant, it would be a lactose free milk added to the coffee.


Fody's Low FODMAP dark chocolate nuts& sea salt bars great with a morning coffee!
Fody’s Low FODMAP dark chocolate nuts& sea salt bars


Note: I have affiliate links with Fody company, as you can see their banners on my blog. BUT they are not paying me to review this item. This review is my honest opinion.




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