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Low FODMAP tuna stuffed eggs

tuna stuffed egg

Before I made a smoked mackerel stuffed eggs and I loved them (recipe here: https://fitfodmapfoodie.co.uk/2018/10/low-fodmap-stuffed-eggs-with-smoked-mackerel.html ) Today I needed a quick fix for a New Years Eve party snack and I came up with this idea for a Low FODMAP tuna stuffed eggs. It is always good to bring your own party food if you are on a special diet such as Low FODMAP. People often don’t understand why you can’t eat certain foods, even if it is just gluten free diet for some, but in case of Low FODMAP, when you start explaining that you also cannot have some dairy products, onion, garlic, many other vegetables and fruit, it is too much for other people to cope.

So just take your own party food in quantities that will be enough for yourself  and to share with other people celebrating with you. I’m sure that they will like this tuna stuffed eggs as well as for example my bacon wrapped turkey rolls (recipe here https://fitfodmapfoodie.co.uk/2019/01/bacon-wrapped-turkey-rolls.html).

As you can see, I have plenty of my own spring onion that keeps on growing and I used it for a garnish in this recipe.

It is very easy to grow your own spring onion, you just place different sized onions in a pot with soil and water it every few days. That’s it. At first it looks like nothing is going to happen, but when first greens come out, it just keeps on growing. Of course, it is not and endless solution, at some point you will have to replace your onion with a new one.


tuna stuffed eggs
tuna stuffed eggs


Ingredients for 16 halves of a Tuna stuffed eggs:

8 large eggs

80 g tin of Rio Mare tuna in olive oil – I also like John West, but this is my personal favourite. Also, it comes in a small tins, that can be used at once, without having any leftover and reducing wastage.

1 tbsp. mayonnaise

salt, pepper

2 spring onions, green part only




tuna stuffed eggs
tuna stuffed eggs


Instructions to make tuna stuffed eggs:


Hard boil 8 eggs. Peel them, cut them in halves and remove the yolks.
Place yolks in a bowl, mash with a fork, then add a tin of drained tuna, mayo, salt and pepper and mash again.
Fill the egg whites with the tuna pate just made. Decorate Low FODMAP tuna stuffed eggs with finely chopped spring onion.



tuna stuffed egg
tuna stuffed egg



To view a Polish Low FODMAP author’s blog and this recipe, click here: http://przepisylowfodmap.eu/low-fodmap-jajka-faszerowane-tunczykiem

Low FODMAP jajka faszerowane tuńczykiem


Nutritional facts for 1 egg half of a Low FODMAP tuna stuffed eggs:

59 kcal

0.5 g Carbs

5 g Protein

4 g Fat


For more Low FODMAP diet recipe snack ideas, please visit here : https://fitfodmapfoodie.co.uk/category/snack-ideas


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