Bacon wrapped turkey rolls

Bacon wrapped turkey rolls

Those Low FODMAP bacon wrapped turkey rolls were my New Year’s Eve treat. 

Stuffed with cheese and rolled in a smoked bacon, they aren’t the lightest of options, but it is a treat. For everyday cooking, I will probably swap the cheese for a vegetable, like a red pepper for example and try to find a leaner smoked bacon.

Before I was on a low FODMAP diet, I was always putting onions, shallots or mushrooms inside those turkey rolls. Now those foods are problematic, but who knows, maybe I will come up with alternatives? I already have some good ideas…

Ingredients to make 10 bacon wrapped turkey rolls:

500 g turkey breast

150 g Swiss cheese, cut into 10 chunks

10 thin slices of a good smoked bacon

salt, pepper

Bacon wrapped turkey rolls
Bacon wrapped turkey rolls


Instructions to make 10 bacon wrapped turkey rolls:

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C.

First, cut the breast into 10 long slices.

You need to tenderise the meat, by using the special meat hammer.

Then, season with salt and pepper on both sides.

Cut the cheese into 10 chunks. 

Make each roll by placing the cheese chunk on one end of the turkey meat slice and rolling it in. Then roll it in the smoked bacon slice and place in a roasting tin.

Depending on your oven and if you have a fan, roast the bacon wrapped turkey rolls for 20-30 minutes, making sure that the turkey meat doesn’t dry and bacon slices start to change colour. I used an old gas oven, which has a tendency to overcook on the bottom and doesn’t colour dishes properly on top. Therefore my bacon on the picture doesn’t have much colour, but if you have an electric fan oven, it will be much easier to get this nice crunchiness.


Bacon wrapped turkey rolls in a tray
Bacon wrapped turkey rolls in a tray


For Polish version of this recipe, go here: http://przepisylowfodmap.eu/low-fodmap-roladki-z-indyka

Low FODMAP roladki z indyka

Nutritional Facts for 1 bacon wrapped turkey roll:


157 kcal

3 g Carbs

16.6 g Protein

9.1 g Fat



For other Low FODMAP recipe snack ideas, please visit:https://fitfodmapfoodie.co.uk/category/snack-ideas


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