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Low FODMAP bolognese sauce

beef bolognese
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I love a spaghetti bolognese. I used to make a traditional one with onions and peas and other ingredients. To be a Low FODMAP beef bolognese option, the onions have been replaced with green leeks. I ommitted the peas as well, because I think that a very small amount of peas allowed is way too small for this recipe.

It takes a while to dice all of the vegetables into small pieces, but once it is ready, it becomes very quick to cook. You can even dice the vegetables in advance and bring the mince to a room temperature for more even and quicker cooking and cook this Low FODMAP beef bolognese later, when you are ready.

This recipe makes vast 8 portions of Low FODMAP bolognese sauce. You can  eat it over 2 days or freeze it for another time, depending on the size of your family! It is a great comfort food, together with pasta it is a wonderful option for fussy eaters (i.e. children!).

beef bolognese
beef bolognese with gluten free pasta shells


This recipe has been approved by a Low FODMAP dietitian, Evelyn Toner.  Find interesting articles about Nutrition, IBS and FODMAP on her blog.




for 8 portions of a Low FODMAP bolognese sauce:

650 g lean beef mince

400 g turkey mince (not lean, regular). Or you can just use full amount of beef mince, if you prefer.

207 g parsnip

97 g leek, green parts only

252 g carrots

400 g tin of tomatoes

90 g tomato paste concentrate

salt, pepper to taste.

around 200 ml of water

You can also use your favourite herbs, fresh or dried (thyme, oregano, basil etc.). Just be careful with dried herbs, because they are more powerful.

No oil used in cooking. Only meat with its little amount of fat, cooked on a non stick deep pan (it is a large pot of bolognese sauce!).


for preparing 8 portions of a Low FODMAP bolognese sauce:

1. First, take the mince out of the fridge.

2. Then, dice small all of the vegetables – parsnip, green leaves of the leek and carrots.

3. Put a large deep non stick pan on the heat. When hot, place all of the mince in the pan. Keep cooking and turning it until it browns nicely. You can season the mince at this stage.

4. Add all of the vegetables to the pan, mix in with the meat and cook with the meat and its juices for a few minutes. Then add some water and cover the pan with a lid. Cook until the vegetables are soft and cooked through.

5. Add the tinned tomatoes and  the tomato paste concentrate. Mix it in with the rest of the sauce. Cook for 10 -15 minutes on a low heat.

6. Add some herbs, if desired.

7. Serve with a Low FODMAP, gluten free pasta, for example a glute free spaghetti or a gluten free conchiglioni, as on the picture.



For Polish version of this recipe, please click here:


Low FODMAP sos boloński


Nutritional Facts

for 1 portion of a Low FODMAP beef bolognese  (calculation for the sauce only):

260 kcal

14.6 Carbs

27.8 g Protein

10.4 g Fat


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