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Low FODMAP Polish ‘pulpety’ meatballs

Polskie pulpety Low FODMAP
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Those Low FODMAP Polish ‘pulpety’ meatballs in a parsley sauce require some longer time for preparing but can be eaten the next day or even frozen.


Polish cooking is quite simple, if you look at the ingredients, but the execution of the recipe might sometimes be complicated, although it is not a rule – look at ‘gołąbki’ recipe here: 
my ‘gołąbki’ recipe

Some ingredients are used quite often:



flour (in this case gluten free flour, but in Polish cuisine history it usually was a wheat flour),


breadcrumbs (I use sourdough bread breadcrumbs or a Low FODMAP, gluten free breadcrumbs) etc.

It is because, in our history, the cuisine often had to be economical, during and after the war, to be able to cook for a large family, using scarce ingredients. What I learnt from that until now is to be creative and often use what I have (in the fridge or a pantry) and don’t waste anything (there come ‘kopytka’: kopytka recipe, ‘krokiety’ (still to appear in my blog), all using up leftover ingredients. 


This recipe has been approved by a Low FODMAP dietitian, Evelyn Toner.  Find interesting articles about Nutrition, IBS and FODMAP on her blog.


Ingredients for 20 Low FODMAP Polish ‘pulpety’ meatballs:

500 g lean beef mince 5%
500 g lean minced pork
1 tbsp. sourdough bread breadcrumbs, or gluten free breadcrumbs
2 tbsp. fresh parsley
2 eggs
salt, pepper
150 ml milk 1.5 % lactose free
1 tbsp. gluten free plain flour
3 carrots (183 g)
100 g uncooked rice
100 g parsnip
50 g leek, green part only
40 g celeriac
2 bay leaves
2 balls allspice
1/2 tsp. coriander seeds powder

Instructions for 20 Low FODMAP Polish ‘pulpety’ meatballs:

Cook rice, according to the packaging instructions. Usual white rice is better for this recipe then basmati rice, because it is more sticky.
Make breadcrumbs in a blender, from leftover sourdough bread. You can make more, to have for other recipes. Keep it in a tightly closed jar.
Add 2 types of mince to a large bowl, followed by spices, egg, breadcrumbs, cooked rice and parsley, if desired. This time, I just added parsley in the sauce. Mix all with your hand.
Put a medium pot with water (1/2 full) to boil, with a bay leaves, couple of allspice balls, as well as all vegetables, chopped small. Season water with salt and pepper.
Start forming ‘pulpety’ meatballs. Using a large tbsp. as a measure, take some mince out of the bowl and form meatballs in your wet hands (it won’t stick as much). Then put ready meatballs straight in a pot of now simmering water. When you do this, they will cook straightaway on the outside, therefore they won’t fall apart during cooking.
Simmer, with vegetables and spices, for about an hour.
In the end of cooking, open the lid to reduce the water content  a bit. 
Then, prepare a mixture for a white sauce. Add lactose free milk and a 1 tbsp. of gluten free flour to a mug, mix it well. 
Add some of the coking water from the pot to the mug, mix. Repeat it few times.
Then add the white mix to the pot, mixing it in quickly. Add chopped parsley.
Simmer for a few minutes, to cook the flour.
You can adjust the seasoning of the sauce at this time.



For a Polish version of this recipe, please go here:


Nutritional Facts for 1 ‘pulpet’:

109 kcal
8.7 g Carbs
12.4 g Protein
3 g Fat
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