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Low FODMAP lighter English Breakfast

Low FODMAP lighter English Breakfast

A full English Breakfast is usually associated with a fatty, calorific, heavy meal. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 
You can make some easy swaps, plus in a Low FODMAP diet, some items are better to be omitted (mushrooms) or their amount reduced. This Low FODMAP lighter English Breakfast version is much healthier and still as delicious.

This Low FODMAP lighter English Breakfast is:

– easy to prepare
– it is moderately low in carb. For more information, see here:
– contains around 2 portions of veg


This Low FODMAP lighter English Breakfast is my lower in calories, but still delicious and filling meal, inspired by English Breakfast, that I used to eat in cafe. I can’t have it anymore, due to ingredients such as beans, mushrooms, as well as not known ingredients list of a sausage.

Ingredients for 1 serving of a Low FODMAP lighter English Breakfast:


reduced fat pork sausage (look for one without onion, garlic, including powder, as well as gluten – it is not an easy find!).

1 large egg
1 leaf iceberg lettuce
97 g tomato
88 g  cucumber
crunchy light corn bread, 1 piece (I hope that you can find something similar, it is gluten free and 26 kcal per piece).

Instructions for 1 serving of a Low FODMAP lighter English Breakfast:


Start frying the sausage, on a medium heat, using only 2-3 sprays of oil. 
When sausage is nearly ready, probably after 8-10 minutes, depending on your sausage, crack 1 large egg in the pan as well, cover.
Cook egg to your liking, I like yolks still a bit soft.
In the meantime, was the vegetables and arrange a salad on the plate. Season, but do not add any dressing. Dressings and a lot more calories to the meal. If you are desperate, squeeze a bit of lemon juice.

Nutritional Facts per 1 serving:

236 kcal
14.4 g Carbs
15.4 g Protein
13.3 g Fat
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